Afro Lion Studios


  • Jam Site: Houston Global Game Jam

  • Jam Year: 2021

  • Platforms: Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

  • Tools And Technologies: Unity (any product)

  • Credits:

    Everything Else: Hillary Ford

    Musician: Qumquat (Geordie)

    Level Art: Bocharova


This is a game where you help a friend find all her stuff animals that her brother hid from her throughout the forest. The best time wins.


Personal Thoughts

This time around it was all up to me due to stupid would wide vid. I modeled everything but the landscape which I got from sketchfab (here). I play tested with my little 8 year old who loved it especially the animal sounds. I made it where there are several spawn points and the animals will appear randomly at one of them. There are more points then animals so it wont be to easy to memorize all the points. As a help out to the stuck players you can go back to the girl and she will light up the next animal to be found. As most of the art work was done already it left me more time to spend on game mechanics. This is why it feels more complete that my previous games with the game jam. Close to the end I remembered about the Houston community discord and jumped on there to see whats up. This is where I found a sub group for the jam and my musician Geordie. He did a wonderful job at making the music for my game. The only thing I did not like was at the last minute during playtest online the controls did not work. It seems that HTML5 cant do game controllers and it was a last ditch effort to get keyboard controls working. It makes the character move funny but a lesson learned for next time.