Afro Lion Studios


  • Jam Site: Houston Global Game Jam

  • Jam Year: 2016

  • Diversifiers: Common ground

  • Platforms: MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

  • Tools And Technologies: Unity (any product)

  • Credits:
    Olmer “Penny” Chavez-Ramirez

    Michael J. Findler

    Vicente “Vince” Hernandez

    Matthew Simon

    Hillary Ford

    Ricardo Salgado

    Kevin Hernandez

    Carlos Marchani


This multiplayer game challenges each player to hunt down lost souls and bring them down to eternal rest. Players will sacrifice health and stamina while trying to bring back each lost soul to their final destination. The player with the most souls captured and stolen from opponent wins but be careful you can conjure up evil spirit demons.

Personal Thoughts

This was my first time at a game jam and it was fun. I put my idea out there and people liked it enough to help make it. Now, what I was not ready for was leading a group and not being able to be there to over see the project. I tried to do chats and phone calls but as this was a make shift group it fell apart without me being right there. They put models found off the net that were no were ready for a game engine it was a sclupt that needed to be remeshed and texture baked. If that was not crashing the build they put a rigided body on the level and not make it static so, the level just fell with gravity. Lastly, I learned not to allow people to use unfamilure addons. The addons system for unity is great but to learn the addon in a few hours is a no go.