Afro Lion Studios


Welcome to "SOUL STEALER"

This game is a 3rd-person shooter. The playfield is a graveyard with some fun level clipping. The game uses the photon addon for multiplayer and lobby control.


This was my first game jam ever and was excited that my pitch was picked. The problems I encountered were far from what I expected. One I was not ready for the 3-day commitment. I tried to work with my team remotely but that failed.  

They were not willing to keep me in the loop and some made side comments about me not being there. In all I still had fun. The project did not work due to a lot of reasons.

  1. communication 
  2. using addons that no one was familiar with
  3. not checking the vert count of models used
  4. not having some form of version control

I spoke about number one now the others are as follows. No, one knew how to set up and use photon for multiplayer and lobby gameplay. Someone got an art asset from TurboSquid and did not make sure it was game ready. It turned out to be a sculpt and crashed Unity all the time. It needed to be retopo  and textures baked for it to be of any use in-game. Lastly, and the biggest one version control when it was time to submit the game a lot of the previous issues were ironed out but that working version did not get submitted. As the broken build was the one used as they forgot to apply the updates and changes to their local build.

Still, had fun though