Afro Lion Studios


  • Jam Site: Houston Global Game Jam

  • Jam Year: 2017

  • Platforms:MS Windows

  • Tools And Technologies: Unity (any product)

  • Credits:


    Jermaine M. Blecher

    Aaron Jordan


    Miguelito Fersight

    Hillary Ford


Penguins with a goal to cross the icebergs.

Personal Thoughts

This was my second time doing a game jam and this time I brought my son. He joined a team as an artist. I did nothing but bring him there, least that’s what I thought. I helped him out with a shark model and a penguin. The team had him in a sculpting app which sux if you don’t know how to use it fast pace. I put him on blender and he was moving faster. He struggled with modeling and to keep him in pace with the team I quickly did the models and let him texture it. He did a great job till midnight hit and all the systems did a forced reboot and he lost all his art work. He had to redo it all rushed and still pulled it off. I did my art work off site so it was safe. The project was a good idea its just had problems with other team members trying to show off their skills. We all have been there it just does not get the job done.