Afro Lion Studios



This game here is a short little meme game. The is to feed the baby food trying not to make his diaper burst. The player who makes the diaper burst loses. 

The dice roll will tell the player how many of the random food items has to be fed to the baby.


This is the very first game I made and published. I made this game to learn how to make and publish a game and learn all the settings needed to be set and ins-and-outs of google play store publishing.

This is a meme game I was trying to get out into the wild during all the crazy news stories surrounding a prominent person in the news. I was hoping to get some of the search traffic and ended up missing it by a week. The settings and all the stuff needed to publish a game for the play store were more than I thought. Especially needed to have a privacy policy online due to the graphics’ appeal to children. 

I finally got it working and then in two different updates tried to get ads working. Um, without a large amount of downloads ads are just not worth it.

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