Afro Lion Studios


  • Jam Site: Houston Global Game Jam

  • Jam Year: 2018

  • Platforms: Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

  • Tools And Technologies: Unity (any product)

  • Credits:

    Hillary Ford

    Christopher Hill

    Tao Li

    Tristion Edison

    Patrick Allred


Survive the first day of pre-school without catching the Cooties.




Personal Thoughts

This is my third time doing this game jam it turned out way better than the first two times. I lead a group of people who could work without me having to hover over them. I was able to work from home and still communicate with my team and get things done. This time I came with ready made code which was simple and quick to use. I also had models ready to go to even though I did not know the theme I had models to go which were low poly just perfect for the jam. The project works and is a lot of fun to play.