Afro Lion Studios


Welcome to "COOTIES"

This game here was made for Global Game Jam. The theme was “contagious.”

So, for this game, you are a child in daycare and one kid comes in sick. As that sick kid runs around they make other kids sick. The sick kids will chase you around. 

The goal of the game is to last as long as possible not getting sick. There are timer pickups to give you more time. 



I had fun pitching this game and having a wonderful team to help me see it come to life. I have been to this jam before but had scheduling issues. So, this time I made sure to get with my team and establish a solid way of communicating without me being there.

Google Docs was good but Unity collab was great for this as we all could submit changes and revert to older builds if needed. 

I used a room model from an old project and the other team members came with doing the texturing.

My biggest contribution was coding. I did a lot of the game mechanics and oversaw the whole project. 

It was a fun time and my family got to come out on the last day and see the presentation and gameplay with all the other fun projects on display.