Poetry:  Walking In My Shoes
By: Tylila Ford

About the Author
I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Often spending time between the two most summers. Due to the loss of my mother at the tender age of two,most of my years were filled with depression. I have decided to share my experience through words.This is one part my story, in Poetry.


The sun streams a beautiful rays on my skin
I feel free. Finally, I can breathe.
Shedding my skin from the cares of judgement, doubt and hate.
I have found my sanctuary.
Allowing me to be me.
The struggle had been anything but easy.
I had began to feel elusive and slip into a cloak of despair.
Hopes and dreams that had once been there, now had been marred by words.
I died several times trying to find redemption.
Replacing creativeness, with hours of unmeaningful, empty time, but
Deep inside lay a greatness
Raw, and untouched.
Waiting patiently to be unwrapped. I have finally tapped into the spring of life and abundance.
It overflowed with self acceptance and cleansed me from within of self hate
I began to eat from the plate of life. Laying down strife and bitterness, and it tasted sweet.
My feet, can dance again! And knowing the universe loved me back, had been the antidote to
my pain.

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